Demetria Stallings

From the Philippines and Cyprus, to Iceland and every corner of the US, Demetria’s love of people has taken her all over the world. Her lights-up-a-room personality and genuine character make her a natural in ministry. But as far as she is concerned, her life is whatever God has purposed for her, and her gifts are a testament to that.Demetria earned her B.A. in English at Bridgewater College. From there, she went on to study mentoring and coaching at Regent University, where she graduated with a Masters degree in Practical Theology. Soon after, she got involved with her community, focusing her attention on the development of a private school and therapeutic foster care. In 2008, Demetria joined the ranks of the Christian Broadcasting Network as a regular worship leader and co-host for their internationally broadcasted show, The Spiritual Gifts Webcast. Since then, the show has taken on a new title, 700 Club Interactive, and Demetria has taken on the role of guest producer and worship coordinator.When it comes to ministry, Demetria is not one to just kick back and relax. She’s a worship leader with a fervent heart, a teacher with an ear for God’s voice and a prayer warrior with a prophetic message. Her fiery disposition is only matched by her generous spirit. As she sees it, every one has a gift, and every one belongs – that is what she practices, and that is what she preaches. As for music, it’s her outlet. Worship, however, is her lifestyle. Not a moment goes by that she isn’t singing, humming or composing a string of lyrics in her head. And every song she belts out and melody she creates is God-centered, because, as she frequently claims, “God keeps me together.”Demetria has taken her heart for ministry all over the globe…literally. From helping establish prophetic schools with Catch the Fire leaders Sigga Helga and Sunna Jónína to assisting Gordon Robertson with healing ministries overseas, Demetria has made her life about showing others God’s redeeming love. When she’s not traveling, her Sunday mornings are spent at her “home church,” New Life.