Jennifer Creasey

Jennifer has been apart of creative teams for nearly 25 plus years with experience in   Stage, Musical Theater, Creative Arts, Vocal Teams, Worship Leading and Worship service planning. Since 2005 she has been on staff as the Worship & Arts Director  at Greenbrier Community Church in Chesapeake, VA. Since 1998 Jennifer has been a Music Teacher for children 2yrs old  thru 5th grade  currently at Greenbrier Enrichment Center & School in Chesapeake. She is best known as the on-air voice on the weekday morning radio show “FM in the AM” on Christian Radio Station heard exclusively M-F 6-10am on CURRENT FM www.currentfm.com Jenn has been in radio since 1993. She is married to Joe 8/31/96 and mother of two boys Brian who attends Barton College in Wilson,NC and Peyton 16 (High School Junior) and resides in Virginia Beach.