Frequently Asked Questions for Camp

Q: Does my camper need to know how to play an instrument to participate?
A: No! Our leaders will be able to work with all skill levels to provide a meaningful experience.

Q: Does my camper need to commute?
A: No. Housing is provided on Virginia Wesleyan College’s campus. We want to create an immersive experience for each camper.

Q: Who are the chaperones?
A: Our chaperones are adults who are active in the ministries of churches throughout Hampton Roads. Each chaperone/volunteer will undergo a background check to further ensure the safety of each camper.

Q: What are the housing arrangements?
A: Campers will be living on campus, in the dormitories. VWC will not yet be in session and their college students will not yet be living on campus. Campers will be two to a room. Boys will stay downstairs and girls upstairs. Chaperones of the same gender will also stay on these floors, but in separate rooms.